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Welcome to Suction Cup Dildo site, a Suction Cup Dildo for Your Intimate Feminine Needs.

Every human being has needs. One of the vital needs of human existence would be sex and as a matter of fact, sex is a part of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. But why is that so? The answer is really obvious: sex is the only way to propagate people and thus, continue the journey of humanity. The thing is, there is more to sex than just reproducing people, and it is not limited to doing it with a partner. Such an intimate activity can be done alone and when that happens, it’s called masturbating. For women, nothing beats masturbation with the help of a good suction cup dildo.

What is a Suction Cup Dildo?

Unlike the traditional dildo, a suction cup dildo is better in many ways. It works like Bluetooth to tell you the truth – it’s handsfree! Of course, you can choose to do it with manual labor by holding it with your hands and shoving its dong straight to that hole. But if you want the convenience and a more realistic feel (as if you’re doing the real thing with another guy), you can simply just take advantage of its suction cup to make it on the wall, on the floor, or pretty much anywhere you see fit! This kind of dildo really calls for some wilder action inside that woman’s bedroom of yours.

Another question that may have come into your mind is why should you use a dildo in the first place? There are many reasons, actually. The first one, you may not be ready for doing the actual thing with a real man yet. So for starters, you can use a suction cup dildo to practice. You can then master the craft and give that total orgasmic experience with a real man sooner or later. Another reason would be that it’s much safer to use a dildo rather than have it with a random guy. Some women prefer having that magical feeling with a man they’ll soon be sure to love for good. Otherwise, an inanimate alternative would be best.

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ImagesSuction cup dildoTall (inches)GirthPriceRating

Best Waterproof Wall Bangers - Pink8,25"1.5" to 2"$17,33*

Best Crystal Jellies Ballsy Cock With Suction Cup 8-inch - Purple8"2"$37,19**
Sexflesh Rebellious Ryan 9 Inch Dildo With Suction Cup9"2,5"$16,20***
Sexflesh Stuff-me Stefan 10" Dildo10"2,63"$29,57****
Sexflesh Hunter's Thunder Stick 11" Dong11"2,5"$27,91****
Doc Johnson Dick Rambone, White15"3"$22,49****
The Colossus Huge Dildo - 5 Pounder!13"3"$31,30****
OptiSex Hefty Henry 10 Inch Cock with Suction Mount Cup, Natural Flesh6"2"$13,99***
Sexflesh Lusty Leo 7.5 Inch Dildo With Suction Cup7,5"2,2"$17,10****
Morning Wood, 6.5 Inch Dildo With Suction Cup6,5"1,6"$8,71***
Jelly Corkscrew Dong with Suction Cup, 6 Inch, Cool Blue6,5"2"$7,95***
Trinity Vibes Realistic Suction Cup Dildo With Balls7"1,35"$15,45****
RealSkin Afro American Whopper Flexible Dong with Balls and Suction Mount Base, 6.5 Inch6,5"1,5"$24,99***
Eden Mister Perfect8,5"1,5"$30,87***
The Perfect Peter8"4"$20,55****
TLC CyberSkin CyberPenis with Balls, Medium8"2,8"$33****
Doc Johnson Crystal Jellie Ballsy Dong 8-Inch with Suction Cup, Clear8"1,8"$22,34****
Deep Dickin Derek 12 Inch Dildo With Suction Cup12"2"$20,62***
The Czar Emperor Dong 12-inch - Brown12"4,8"$45,30***
Doc Johnson John Holmes Ur3 Cock10"2,25"$50,55*****

You are a  Beginner? Don’t worry, take a look and relax.


How to Find a Suction Cup Dildo That Meets Your Needs?

Now, that is a tough question. Or perhaps not. Women may have different preferences, but when it comes to dongs, boy, we sure do love one thing in common: a big size. Just imagine being able to not leave a trail of space inside your mouth. It turns things as awesome as your childhood days when you were licking that sweet lollipop; this time it’s only ten times better and oh so wilder. You can either push it in and pull it out as many times, or simply lick its tip, because when you master that style using that stick, you will definitely blow your man’s mind someday. But to be more accurate with our measurements, something that’s at least 7 inches long, 1.25 to 30 inches diameter and 4 inches, at the very least, circumference would be ideal.

Another thing you should consider would be the color. If you love black, Caucasian, white, or pinkish flesh color, each color is definitely in store. Of course, you should not forget that the material should be a soft one with veins bulging all over it. Last but not the least, take some time to read previous consumer reviews to get a better feel of the product’s quality. With that simple effort, you can know whether there are issues with the suction cup or even the dildo itself.

Whether you’re a virgin who seeks to practice sex for that man in the future or you simply just want to have a wild time all by yourself, a suction cup dildo is definitely worth adding into your toy chest.


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